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Willow Tree is an intimate line of figurative sculptures that speak in quiet ways to heal, comfort, protect and inspire. Artist Susan Lordi hand carves the original of each figure from her studio in Kansas City Missouri. We offer cake toppers, angels and figures of flowers, animals and much more which represents an emotion or it marks a memory.

Home Décor Tips for Hosting a Holiday Dinner

As the holidays fast approach and you’re hosting a holiday get-together, you want to make sure that your dining room looks perfect. Hosting a holiday dinner can be a lot more pressure than what it first seemed like when you volunteered. Not only does the food need to be top-notch, but the dining environment should also be dressed to impress.



If you're not sure where to start, but want to impress your holiday guests, here are a few tips to help inspire the perfect décor for your holiday dinner. Consider them as you’re decorating your home with the box of holiday items you’ve collected over the years and other mementos that warm your heart, such as best friend gifts.


Incorporate Nature


One of the most noticeable trends in décor is to incorporate some natural elements that will make your holiday dinner feel less stuffy and more down to earth. A simple and quick way to add some natural features is to use pine tree branches as table arrangements mixed in with some flowers. You can also try your hand at making authentic wreathes using pine tree branches or any other plants that grow in your area.


Arrange a Nativity Set


A nativity set is a holiday classic, and you can place it anywhere in your home that you think would fit well. With so many different types of nativity sets available, you can pick and choose elements like backdrops and sculptural figures to match the aesthetic of your home décor. You can set it up on your dining room table as a centerpiece or you can place it on a countertop or table for your guests to look at and observe all night long.


Strategically Hang Ornaments


Beautiful, hand-carved ornaments make great gifts for grandma or decoration for the tree. They can also function as art for the dining room if you have the right kind and hang them strategically. In many cases, flat ornaments can hang cleanly on the wall, and if you have any sort of hanging light fixture like a chandelier, you can hang ornaments from that for some extra holiday flair above the table.


Create a Symphony of Colors


With the holidays you have many more color options than you might initially assume. While red is most likely the dominant color for your décor, you can also create a wonderfully festive theme using different shades of gold, white, green, and even orange. It really depends on how you want your dining room to come off. Do you want it to be elegant? Then consider decorating with gold and white. Classic? Red, green, and white might be optimal. Or would you welcome a more unique twist on holiday colors? In that case, experiment and maybe try out a reddish-orange shade or a color you haven’t considered before. Whatever the case may be, experiment and coordinate your colors accordingly for one cohesive aesthetic.


About Willow Tree®


For more than 20 years, Willow Tree® has provided people with hand-sculpted art pieces detailing the delicate and beautiful language of the body. Created in her studio in Kansas City, Missouri, artist Susan Lordi hand carves each piece with love and care with special attention paid to the small details they show in their body language. The figures are expressionless, which makes every tilt of the head and placement of the hands crucial to expressing the perfect emotion. They make great holiday gifts but can suit any occasion as thoughtful wedding presents, sympathy gifts, and more.


For holiday décor gift ideas, visit Willowtree.com


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