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Willow Tree is an intimate line of figurative sculptures that speak in quiet ways to heal, comfort, protect and inspire. Artist Susan Lordi hand carves the original of each figure from her studio in Kansas City Missouri. We offer cake toppers, angels and figures of flowers, animals and much more which represents an emotion or it marks a memory.

Trendy Tips for Displaying Your Collectables

Gone are the days of curio cabinets lined with knick-knacks. Instead, people prefer to let their collections shine as a regular part of everyday life, nestled among the other things they love. Whether you’re a committed collector or want to highlight figurines dear to your heart, these design tips will make any collection a stylish staple in your home.



Add Lighting


Heighten the drama of your collection by adding accent lighting. An easy upgrade, accent lighting will make your collection look like it belongs in a museum. You can choose wall-mounted lighting that is more permanent or frame-mounted lighting which is less of a commitment. Accent lighting also features different power options—choose from battery powered, plug-in, or hardwired.


Embrace Color


Create a backdrop for your display by considering wall color. Depending on your design aesthetic, you can choose a soft, mellow color that will let your sculptural figures stand out, or go for a bold, bright color for a chic bohemian look.


Group Together


Whether you’re displaying a collection or decorating in general, create visual interest by grouping pieces in odd numbers. When our eyes see something grouped together this way, it forces them to analyze the grouping, and ultimately our brains find it more visually attractive.


Create Height


Adding height to your display can create and/or maintain balance. Enhance visual interest by mixing tall items with short, and raising items by stacking them on things that add height in a chic way, such as cake stands or book stacks. 


Arrange by Color


For large collections, grouping items by color is an exciting way to engage the eye and provide a line to follow. Grouping similar items together in this way increases the visual impact in a cohesive, stylish way. This is exceptionally beautiful when done with glassware (glasses, vases, figurines).


About Willow Tree


Providing an intimate line of figurative ornaments, cake toppers, and sculptures that speak in quiet ways to display the love of family and the quiet joy that love brings to life, Willow Tree has inspired gift giving since 1999. Artist Susan Lordi hand carves original figures from her studio in Kansas City, Missouri. With no facial expressions, these beautiful figurines depict emotion through gestures only… a tilt of the head, placement of the hands, a turn of the body. The simplicity of form and absence of facial features keep the emotional messages of Willow Tree pieces open to personal interpretation.


Original Source: https://goo.gl/UhzUaU